Tenerife, Rent a Scooter. Rental Service for Scooters and bikes for hire. Free delivery and unlimited kilometers included in the price.

Why rent a scooter?

Cruising in the sun the whole year.
No stress, no parking troubles.
Low gasoline use only 2L/100 KM.
Different way of exploring the island while having fun with one or two
persons on the scooter.

Where to find us to rent scooters Vespa like?

Don't worry!
We deliver the scooters/bikes to your place
Hotel or Home in 1 HOUR,
NO EXTRA COST, no need to search.
BUT, we are situated at the

The Scooters

50 cc, 125cc Vespa like
White, red and black colour, all in very good condition.
Delivered with 2 helmets, lock and insurance.

Customers Testimonials

Helena and Philippe, Impressions and Experience.
We had a very nice week with the rental scooters, very nice and
almost in new condition. We did about 500km during our stay.
Much better than a car!
Cheaper, very low gasoil use, and quick.
No parking stress, always close to our destination.

Tel: +34 633 636 288
email: scooter4hire@hotmail.com